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Under no circumstances will medication be returned with accordance to Pharmacy Legislations. Medications must be discussed with pharmacist or health care professional before buying. The owners, pharmacists and/or any of Braude's Pharmacy's staff will not be held liable for any side effects; allergic reactions or drug/drug or drug/disease interactions after using the products. Braude's & its staff will also not be held liable for medication not having its desired effect & also cannot be held liable for any advice given. Prescriptions has to be brought to the pharmacy for any medication for S3 and above. Repeat medication needs to be accompanied with an original prescription unless we have the original prescription stored by us. Furthermore script is only valid for no longer than 6 months, depending on what prescriber prescribed. Emailed scripts must be emailed straight from the prescriber to us. Delivery of medication is done by our couriers; please sign the receiving  note upon receiving the medication and double check that the items are right. Inform us immediately if anything is incorrect. Thermolabile medication will arrive in a cooler box; please note Braude's Pharmacy or the couriers won't be liable for any damages after the package was delivered. Please also note no medication will be delivered to a child under the age of 14 years of age. Please email any complaints to and someone will respond shortly. All patients medical history and personal details are handled with utmost confidentiality within accordance to the POPI act.

Thank you for understanding.

Please note! Deliveries take 24-72 hours to process & be delivered.

It depends also on stock availability from the wholesalers!

If you need medication for an urgent matter, please come in to the pharmacy!

Thank you for shopping with us!

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