Under no circumstances will medication be returned with accordance to Pharmacy Legislations. Medications must be discussed with pharmacist or health care professional before buying. The owners, pharmacists and/or any of Braude's Pharmacy's staff will not be held liable for any side effects; allergic reactions or drug/drug or drug/disease interactions after using the products. Braude's & its staff will also not be held liable for medication not having its desired effect & also cannot be held liable for any advice given. Thank you for understanding.

Virtual Prescribing Pharmacist Consultation

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Due to the COVID 19 pandemic we want to limit the virus from spreading so we have launched a Virtual Online Consultation with a Prescribing Pharmacist who can prescribe certain medication up to S4. Consultation takes up to 20 minutes on Zoom. You will receive the link once you have paid.

Who uses a prescribing pharmacist?

If you went to the pharmacy & used OTC medication and it is not working.

If you have a recurrent condition/illness that you are aware of & know the medication that you used before.

If you need advice on any skin condition and need a specialised cream/mixture.

If you need a review on your chronic diabetic medication/hypertension medication.

If you need to initiate STD treatment immediately & need HIV pre- & post counseling & intiation of treatment.

Medication payment is separate from consultation fee.

Prescribing pharmacist can prescribe for:

1. Influenza

2. Skin conditions

3. Bladder/Kidney infections

4. Chest infections

5. Otitis Media

& lots more!

Can also do referals to day clinics/tertiary hospitals & do sick notes.

If it is more specialised care that you need I will refer you to another health care professional & do more thorough tests & examination.

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